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Tickle, Tickle!

  So this guy calls up last night on the phone sex line and asks me how ticklish I am. I was a bit surprised by his question, but not a lot surprises me since I took this job, I must say! I said my feet were quite ticklish and he was apparently very glad for […]

24 Nov 2014giggling / laughing / tickle / tickle torture

Naughty Masturbating Neighbor

This man across the street, I’m beginning to think he’s an exhibitionist. He seems to always be walking in front of his windows naked and spending lots of time in front of them when I happen to be be glancing out the windows. I don’t know if he’s trying to show off to me in […]

20 Nov 2014exhibitionism / exposing / flashing / showing

Sexy Voice Wrong Number

I have been masturbating a lot recently, My pussy is just rather insatiable. College life has been very good for my libido, I must say! I’ve nearly been walked in on by my roommate a couple of times knuckles deep in my cunt, had to pretend I was napping, otherwise, why would I have been […]

12 Nov 2014phone sex / wrong number

Calling The Teacher

When I was in school years ago I had a crush on one of my handsome teachers. I wanted to fuck him really badly, and i didn’t think I’d get a chance. I wondered what I could do to have some sort of connection with him. I thought maybe I could call him up and […]

03 Nov 2014phone sex / teacher

Candy Calls

I don’t understand men at times. Most times, honestly. I got the cell phone bill for my son who was just in his first year in college and was horrified at the amount of the bill. I poured over the statement and saw some toll free number had been called several times over the last […]

31 Oct 2014college / phone sex / son

The Dressing Room

I was trying on some clothes last weekend and all of a sudden felt this wave of horniness overtake me. I didn’t think I’d be able to get back home and wait until then. Traffic was bad, I knew it would take at least 30 minutes to get back home, so I thought, well, this […]

28 Oct 2014boyfriend / change room / dressing room / phone sex / store

The Boy Next Door

  I love young guys, I always have, especially as I’ve gotten older and grown into a full fledged MILF. Well the neighbors next door have a son that just went off to college a couple months ago. He just turned 18 this past summer, and I’ve been eyeing him for a long time. He […]

25 Oct 2014college boy / cub / masturbating / MILF / spying

Away On Business

This new boyfriend of mine, he’s really sexy and we like to fuck a lot. Sadly around a month in to our relationship, he had to go away for 3 weeks on a business trip and I was not looking forward to being not fucked for this length of time, and he suggested we make […]

20 Oct 2014long distance relationship / phone sex

You’ll Never Guess What I Heard

A few years ago I had to spend a week with some relatives and they were so out in the sticks I didn’t even have cell phone reception. They had a landline that I had to use, I felt so deprived of normal means of communication with this corded landline! These cousins of my mom […]

14 Oct 2014phone sex / secret / telephone

Watching You From Afar

I’ve always enjoyed looking at people during their private little moments when they didn’t know they were being watched. I always understood the guys that drilled holes in the girls change rooms so they could watch them and get all aroused by them. It arouses me as well. I live in a condo that is […]

13 Oct 2014observing / spying / watching

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