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You’ll Never Guess What I Heard

A few years ago I had to spend a week with some relatives and they were so out in the sticks I didn’t even have cell phone reception. They had a landline that I had to use, I felt so deprived of normal means of communication with this corded landline! These cousins of my mom […]

14 Oct 2014phone sex / secret / telephone

Watching You From Afar

I’ve always enjoyed looking at people during their private little moments when they didn’t know they were being watched. I always understood the guys that drilled holes in the girls change rooms so they could watch them and get all aroused by them. It arouses me as well. I live in a condo that is […]

13 Oct 2014observing / spying / watching

The Pizza Delivery Man

I had just ordered a pizza and hung up the phone when my boyfriend called all hot and horny and wanted to have phone sex. I said I couldn’t as I didn’t have enough time before the pizza delivery guy arrived. He said sure I did, so against my better judgment I decided to have […]

12 Oct 2014delivery man / masturbating / phone sex

Pool Masturbation

m4s0n501 I’ve always enjoyed masturbating in the shower with the shower massager. The hard stream of water hitting my clit feels fantastic and I’ve done it in pools with the water that comes out of the side of them and in hot tubs as well. I was housesitting for a friend of mine that had […]

11 Oct 2014masturbation / outdoor sex / phone sex / pool / privacy / water induced orgasms

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